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Austin TX


Tel: 512-800-4779

About Me

I'm Katie Kueck, a lifestyle photographer based in Austin, TX. I know family is much deeper than a pretty, polished surface. I'm the mother of amazingly rambunctious twin boys and the sweetest baby girl. Even on the most trying, give me all the wine in the world days, it's still the best job. And documenting it gives me nearly as much pleasure as these wackos. 

My happiest place is jumping in the waves holding my baby, watching my boys get braver by the day, chopping the waves with their skinny little arms, shouting "ocean boy!" and feeling truly invincible, knowing that mommy is there to catch them when the undertow gets too strong.


I am never without a child or animal on me - which is sometimes hard but usually lovely. I am adjusting to being home with the kids after leaving medicine a year ago (read more here). But I wouldn’t trade any of it because it’s all part of my here and now. I think it was my less than stellar memory that first lead me to document my children's every moment, but it soon spiraled into a love and appreciation of the beauty of the mess that is childhood and family in photos. I love that my walls are lined with images that make me laugh, smile, cry, and take my breath away - and I want to share this most precious gift.


I’m an ardent fan of being present and ready when peals of giggles unleash, fingers touch, siblings stop squabbling and spontaneously hug. I want to be at the ready when you sit with your child and breathe them in. I want to give you a more permanent and infinitely sharable memory of those moments you can’t stop staring at that beautiful newborn babe.


These truly are the times of your life. So when you’re sitting in your living room with your little clan and in that moment you see how sweet life really is (despite that it’s far from picture perfect) and you wish that someone were there to capture all of you, just how you are, I will do that for you.

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