Baby details that melt our hearts

It is such a pleasure to be invited into such an intimate space as a new family's first days together. Whether the family has grown from one to two or from six to eight (so much love to all the other twin moms out there!), to be invited into your hospital room, birth place, or home is an honor and something in which I take pleasure in exceeding your expectations. As an OBGYN, I spent years delivering these little peanuts (or sometimes not so little!). I have seen hundreds and hundreds of tiny little human beings and am always blown away by how unique they all are.

How does this session last an hour or more?

Patience! I have built lots of time into my work flow to accommodate feeding, changing, new outfits or including special mementos. We will work through many combinations of family members - this whole page is almost exclusively baby only shots or details. Amazingly these images alone can number pretty high! During a lifestyle newborn photo session we will cycle through all available or desired (by you of course) combinations of people (and pets!). But won't my toddler just ruin it all and make a big mess out of this? No!

A huge benefit of lifestyle photography is that I don’t spend the whole time posing you and trying to get your 3 year old to smile at the baby. In these sessions we will embrace the realness of this time and of your family as they are today. For example, I will ask the family to pile onto the parent's bed or a large couch. Little tricks to get oppositional toddlers on board include jumping or pillow fights with one family member while someone else is holding the new baby (safely) away from the action - but still in the shot! In this way we can capture real smiles, giggles, and connection while also including the whole family in the picture and without annoying posing. Inevitably, kiddo might sneak in for a cuddle with parent/s and then we grab that more calm shot of everyone together getting used to the newest addition.


For an in-home lifestyle newborn photo session, I recommend we time our date within baby's first 20 days. Can you do an amazing shoot after that time? For sure! But to get the little one swaddled, sleepy, and easily soothed with shushing - earlier is better. If you will be welcoming a new addition soon - please reach out and we can chat!