#1 Capture special moments that will be gone too soon

As parents, we know all to well how fast children grow up. Blink and we miss it. Capture fleeting moments while you can - chubby fingers, knuckle dimples, missing teeth. Or as above, a first meeting between sisters. These photos, printed and framed on your wall, will mean so much now as well as years down the line. Imagine an entire photo gallery of your favorite memories, that will never fade or be forgotten. Keep these images to transport yourself back to these days. Family portraits will bring you back in time to these moments when you see them down the road - you'll remember those little things that may slip our minds during the harried day-to-day of parenthood.

#2 Make beautiful and meaningful tangible memories to pass on

A former coworker made beautiful memory books for her sons, and printed two copies of each so that when they leave home they'll have 18 photo memory books - one for each year - and so will she! I thought that was brilliant and I try to keep photo books up to date for my three littles. Its not easy, but a family photography session once a year and a few mini session images of birthdays or holidays, baptisms and prom, can be put together pretty quickly! And the payoff is enormous.

Just think of the things that come and go so quickly. Your twins start high school. Your baby goes off to college. Family members move away. A job opportunity takes your child across the country. A wedding arrives. Even a sudden passing of a loved one. Life events happen - regardless of wether we think to document them. I have had many clients reach out to me in the past to re-upload a family session full of memories photographers after the untimely and unexpected passing of a beloved. I am so happy to be able to do this for clients and I am so happy to know that their families may be able to take some comfort in reliving these happy memories together.

family photo session in Austin TX with Katie Kueck Photography

#3 Make authentic photos of you all together

All families have the documentarian. But they (you?) deserve to get in those photos, too!

Does your family have an annual tradition? Maybe everyone is in town for a holiday or anniversary. A reunion can be the perfect opportunity to get those family portraits taken. For some families, this only happens once in a while. Don't miss your chance to document your family! Portraits of children, parents, couples, growing families, and families as the grow up. I love providing a family or extended family with many combinations of photographs - never forget great-gradma holding your 7 month old, and if the last time you and your spouse had couple photos taken together was your wedding - you're due for an update!

mini family photo sessions also yield great results with Katie Kueck Photography in Austin TX

#4 You'll have lots of material for a beautiful photo wall

Decoration and meaningful moments combined! I love seeing my clients photo walls on repeat home sessions. Whether you need newborn photography to remember those first hazy days of parenthood, family photos to document each special stage your children pass through, a documentary session to record a special family activity or event, I can provide wall art worthy images for you to frame and hang.

mini family photo session in Austin, Round Rock or Georgetown with Katie Kueck

#5 For the future of your family

It's not just for you - it's the legacy you are building for your family. Don't put it off because your hair's not done or you wanted to lose a few extra pounds. Your children won’t notice the things we may obsess and worry over, but they will definitely be disappointed if they don't have any family photographs of themselves to enjoy, reminisce over and share down the line.

Our family photography session won't just capture a few snaps for social media or holiday cards. These images deserve to be part of albums your family makes, saves, and relives together for years to come. I always laughed to myself about organizing parties and events when I knew my children were too young to form permanent memories. But when we have had these events or parties documented by a family photographer, I have been able to make books and albums that my kids love looking through and "remembering" years later. Let me provide the same invaluable gift through wall art quality images, albums, and precious and lasting family portraits.