Five Top Tips for Photographing Toddlers

So you have a mini session with a 16 month old and mom is not interested in being in the photos. What do you do? At this age the kiddos cannot be expected to listen to instructions. They want snacks and to be in mom or dad's arms and that big black box you're going to shove in their face is only making things worse.

1. Make sure you have your settings set! This should go for any session of course, but go to the first spot you want the child to be placed while the kiddo is still safe in parents' arms. Set your settings for the image you plan to create and then instruct mom or dad to place the child where you want. Snap away! I find that in some sessions I get the best photos with this age group in the first 10% of images I make.

2. Let them wander! They've just mastered this whole running/walking thing - let them flaunt their skills!

Running through the fields - there is no posing new runners! Just go with it and calm parents down that you are in fact capturing images they will love.

3. Grab an over the shoulder shot - When they're safe in parent/caregiver hands they will calm down and look through your lens with curiosity rather than tear-filled terror!

4. Snacks! Can you even see the cookie she's sneaking in this shot? ;)

5. Details! You don't need to have a perfectly happy child to capture faceless photos and little details.

Katie Kueck is a professional photographer based in Austin TX. A mom of 3 under 5, she is something of an expert in toddler wrangling. Contact at

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