Getting sun-drenched images indoors

I love photographing my kiddos in the golden hour. There is nothing more satisfying that capturing that dreamy glow around their sweet faces. Of course, since day light savings ended, all of my kiddos are going to sleep hours before sunset. Sunrise is a lovely option but it has been too chilly even here in Austin for venturing outside to explore the neighborhood and snap some shots. So I have satisfied myself with exploring my indoor light right here at home. The photo below was the first time I had opened these blinds during early morning sesame street viewing (and coffee guzzling). I was so pleasantly surprised with the glowy light streaming through just after sunrise that I snapped several photos of my youngest in her monster jammie bottoms :)

Camera settings for above photos: ISO 800 | f 2.5 | 1/320 sec. Nikon d750 | 50mm 1.8.

Enjoy capturing your own littles in gorgeous light even at times outdoor shoots aren't feasible!

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