Let's make sure we put mom back in the family photographs!

Updated: Jul 29, 2018

This summer has been full of moms for my family - new moms made and grand-moms visiting. This morning's family session had the sweetest, most beautiful boys and by far my favorite photo is this one, capturing this mother's love for the three boys in her life and heart. She came to the session prepared for family photos but really only expecting photos of her boys. Even when she knows a lens is trained on her, not one ounce of her being is drawn to flash her lovely smile towards me but rather to watch the smiles and giggles these little ones can't hold in. Which is really the experience I aim to provide with my sessions - fun, love, and family time. It's the connections, not the hair or makeup or outfits, that I work my hardest to capture for you in your gallery. Let's capture all the feels! After all, it's these deep family bonds, strong connections, loving snuggles and gentle touches that we all want to remember when the kids get closer and closer to flying the nest.

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