School Photography in Austin

Updated: Jul 10, 2019

I have been lucky enough to photograph students at several Austin area preschools over the past year and boy is it fun! The challenge to capture a variety of expressions from one child and to capture even one photo from another really keeps me on my toes :) I think having 3 kiddos of my own including kids with some out of the ordinary challenges helps me to be able to relate to a broader range of children, personalities, and needs. It is always so rewarding to upload my card and sift through the images only to, each and every time, be so pleasantly surprised by the lovely expressions these little ones give me. Some of my favorite prompts are to ask them to whistle or laugh like Santa - the little pursed lips get me every time!


If you are interested in having Katie Kueck Photography come to your school, please reach out!

* no upfront costs to school or parents

* private, password protected gallery

* 10 % of profits go back to your school, Booster or PTA!

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