School Portraits! Love how these big personalities are still trapped in tiny bodies

I had the chance to work with my first school for child portraits this month and let me tell you- it was a blast! The expressions these kiddos can produce were amazing and truly cannot be captured in words, so check out these cuties! (With parental permission to share, of course).

Love capturing the sibling sweetness. He is the gentlest protector for his little sister.

Those eyes though! Wisdom and innocence.

Award wining Austin photographer school portraits.
Had to work for a smile with this peanut - it was worth it!

School Portraits Austin Photographer
You know I'm a sucker for her amazing hair!

If you are interested in these sorts of photos for your school, get in touch! There are no upfront costs to parents or schools. Parents can choose digital or print images including a la carte and there is no minimum purchase. Prices start at just $6. And I will donate a portion of proceed back to your school! Talk about a win-win-win! Get Katie Kueck Photography into your school for fine art portraits today.

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