When your child is nothing like you

I was an easy kid. Quiet to a fault, never causing any trouble, sneaking in and out of school, sports, dance without making any fuss. When my best friend came over, we would lay on the floor and read for hours. Of course, I also never participated fully in classes or clubs. I rarely contributed to discussions even when I had what in hindsight was insightful input. So, maybe good for my parents and not so great for young me.

My son, on the other hand, is about as different from me as possible. I was quiet, he is loud. I wore jeans and t shirts, he is in love with pink, sparkles, belts, ties, accessories. Sometimes he pushes me so far I'm not sure which way my head is spinning; he is a yeller and a screamer, he is larger than life, he jumps without caring where he will land. All of these traits make him a difficult child for most teachers and coaches, and I am used to the daily report on his inability to control the volume of his voice and his penchant for leading others kids in less than ideal activities in the classroom or on the playground. For a long time I was just frustrated constantly, feeling that teachers saw his antics as a reflection of what was surely bad parenting. I still am frustrated. Daily. But I have realized that the traits that make our day to day so difficult, if they don't land him in jail first, will make him a hugely successful adult. He is creative, he cannot help but think outside the box, he is highly intelligent (we were suckered into psychological testing when the behavioral issues were at a max and I'm pretty sure his IQ is higher than mine...), and he is a natural leader. So, either a highly successful CEO or a dictator. I'm just going to make sure I stay on his good side ;)

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