Almost a winner, and I'll take it!

I blogged about taking part in the ClickinWalk 2018 here in Austin for the first time last month and today I was notified that I am a finalist! One of 10 photos in my category (people) to be honored by the ClickinMom's community. Since starting this photography journey this summer, I feel like I have learned so much and yet this has only illuminated how much I have left to learn. In fact, the woman in this photograph was a lovely teacher for me on this walk, flying her fingers over the buttons on my DSLR and changing settings I never even realized existed.

austin family photographer
My nearly winner of a photo- click to see all 10 finalists and the winner

This tiny amount of praise and reassurance has bolstered my confidence and helped me to imagine once again making a career out of photography, one in which I am not at the beck and call of a stranger's mucus plug (if you don't know, don't ask) and can be present for my kids at a moments notice.

austin family photographer award winning
Another shot of mine featured on the clickinmoms blog.

So hopeful that I can keep nudging this photography journey in the right direction!

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