Katie Kueck Photography Fine Art School Portraits

School Contact Info 

School Name: 

Name of main school contact :

Contact phone number :

Contact email : 

School address :

Session Date(s) :


Photography Agreement

I understand that the photographer will need to come to the school prior to photo day to pick an optimal shooting location. 

___ Agree 

I understand that the photographer is a natural light photographer, meaning that she will need a good window or a good outdoor location. 


I understand that Katie will need student rosters no later than one month prior to photo day. 

I understand that Katie will provide all equipment on photo day. 


I understand that Katie will need a parent volunteer on photo day to bring children to have their photos taken if a teacher/aide/assistant from the school is not available.


The school agrees to send out parent information documents as well as notifications about photo galleries being released and photo gallery expiration warnings. 


Katie Kueck Photography agrees to donate 100% of profits to the school or Booster club she is working with for the first year we work together and 20% for any subsequent years we work together. If Katie Kueck Photography does more than one session (eg fall and spring shoots) for one school, 100% profits from the first shoot will be donated to the school/club and 20% for the second/any subsequent.

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